3 poultry diseases to look out for in 2022

02 May 2022 11:38 AM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Disease outbreaks in poultry farms are detrimental to the levels of production and income generated from the farms. The diseases that are highly contagious affect, not one but all of the birds on the farm. In cases like that, it is important to take preventive measures and vaccinate the poultry to ensure that the health of the poultry is safeguarded. Here is a list of 3 poultry diseases one needs to look out for in 2022.

3 poultry diseases to look out for in 2022


1.  Red Mites

The red mite parasites cause stress among birds that can lead to severe behavioural problems such as feather pecking. This parasite acts as a vector for diseases like infectious bronchitis, E Coli and salmonella. These diseases transmit bird flu and erysipelas.


Red mites are found mostly on perches and small cracks within poultry houses. During the warmer months, they come out at night to feed on the blood of chickens and turkeys. It is important to identify red mites by keeping an eye out for them in places where they’re most likely to be seen. You can set up traps like corrugated cardboard placed inside a plastic tube. The red mites will get trapped in the ridges and can help farmers avoid a potential infestation.


2.  Infectious bronchitis 

A highly contagious disease IB causes birds to exhibit symptoms of entritis, poor growth, and carcass rejection. It also affects the reproductive health of both layers and broilers. Within a span of 36 hours, the virus can spread to the entire flock. All poultry farmers need to provide effective vaccines both during the rearing as well as during the transfer of the birds to the laying site.


3.  Gumboro disease

The gumboro disease affects a bird's ability to fight diseases. The disease affects an organ, bursa of Fabricius that is pivotal to the development of a bird's immunity. This disease only spreads when a bird ingests infected faeces. The disease renders a bird unresponsive to vaccines. However, the chicks are usually born with some maternal antibodies as breeders are vaccinated. Timing of the vaccination is extremely crucial as, if the chicks are vaccinated too early then the maternal antibodies will fight off the vaccine. If the vaccine is administered too late then the maternal antibodies might have worn off leaving the chicks without any protection against the disease. Cleaning and disinfection is recommended regularly to ensure a healthy flock.


It is observed that vaccinated birds help prevent a lot of contagious diseases. If you’re looking to set up a farm, you can purchase vaccinated birds from AQAI.in to ensure that your flock is healthy and resistant to poultry diseases. 


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