4 Ways to Buy Chicken

13 Aug 2021 05:52 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Have you wanted to raise chickens and start a poultry farm? Then the first step is to buy chickens! (Or eggs, depending on which you think comes first!) 

Being a trusted marketplace for some of the best breeds of chicken and other forms of poultry and aquaculture, we at AQAI.in want to share our wisdom on the 4 ways in which you can start your journey and what we think about each of these methods. At the end of the day, every chicken you buy is an investment. Get the maximum ROI by taking an informed decision. 

4 Ways to Buy Chicken

1.  Buy Online

This is perhaps the easiest and most trustworthy means to acquire your chickens and poultry. With an online hatchery like AQAI.in, you get to see options, read about experiences, gain knowledge through their blogs and last but not the least, take an informed decision basis your affordability and need. Time convenience and last-mile delivery to your door-step are other advantages you can avail.


·  Large online hatcheries like AQAI.in have a diverse selection of chicks of different productive breeds.

·  They are usually more economical than visiting a farm to buy.

·  Online hatcheries like AQAI.in ensure that the poultry you buy are vaccinated and inoculated against ailments.

·  The process of segregating basis gender is already done so the chances of getting roosters are less.


·  Sometimes minimum orders are specified. But if you can find someone to share it with, you’re set!

·  Travel related issues for birds sometimes do come up. But with climate-controlled Vans and Trucks like AQAI.in uses, you can be assured of quality birds reaching you.

·  It may be wise to check out and order from hatcheries which have a sound track record of hygiene and good handling of young birds like AQAI.in

2. Rural Farm & Feed Stores

The benefits of buying from small farms and stores are that the service is better and personalized and they will get you whatever breeds you prefer in smaller lots. However, the downside is that there may be only limited breeds available to select and some of them may not have proper facilities for vaccination and poultry care. Small outfits don’t do a great job with gender separation either, so you may end with unproductive roosters! 


 3.  Local Farms

You can also consider buying young chicks from local farms nearby. This is beneficial as these farms buy chicks in large numbers from hatcheries and sell in smaller lots to individuals. While they may be willing to help and guide you with starting your farm, at the end of the day, you are likely to be competition. Most often, as they allow you to choose your chicks with help of experienced staff, they will also likely be quite expensive due to operational costs for hatcheries.

4. Eggs!

The last option available is to get the eggs directly or online from hatcheries like AQAI.in and trying to hatch them on your own. While it is an experience seeing your chicks break out of their shell, it does come with some investment.

Apart from the research and planning there may be expenses in buying equipment like incubator, high quality thermometer and hygrometer. 


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