5 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Poultry

23 Jul 2021 05:28 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Did you know that many common foods we eat can be unhealthy for a bird’s digestive system and can even be poisonous? Human foods are meant only for our metabolism and chemical composition.

It’s important to understand that certain foods are dangerous or even toxic for birds and poultry – and that not all birds are the same in what they can and cannot eat. Just like how not all people have the same reactions to a certain food, the same is true for birds.

5 Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Poultry

Here are 5 foods to avoid if you want to raise healthy, long-lived and productive poultry birds

1.  Chocolate

Chocolate is processed and not a food that poultry birds would naturally find in free range. The reason why chocolate is so dangerous for poultry is that it contains both caffeine and theobromine.

These are methylxanthines, which can cause hyperactivity and lead to symptoms like tremors, seizures, increased heart rate, and potentially, death if ingested at a high dose.

2.  Onions and Garlic

Just like how these two allium family members can be toxic to cats and dogs, they are also a deal-breaker for poultry. The more concentrated the onion and garlic are, the more dangerous it can be – so things like garlic powder or powdered onion soup mix are hazardous. However, even the raw forms of these vegetables can be dangerous.

3.  Tapioca

Though not a major source of worry, tapioca in the form of root, flour or even just steamed is not the healthiest for poultry. Tapioca contains small amounts of cyanide-inducing compounds.

It will take a lot of it to harm a bird seriously, but since it is common in Indian diet, it is better to be safe than sorry.

4.  Dry Beans

You might love giving your birds a few cooked lentils since it features in Indian diet often, but raw beans are foods you should steer clear of. Raw, dry beans can be extremely dangerous for poultry since they contain a toxin known as hemagglutinin. Avoid exposure by thoroughly cooking any beans you plan on sharing with your bird. Don’t leave uncooked dry beans in a location that will be easily accessible, either.

5.  Salt

We add salt to most types of food that we eat. However, while a bit of salt won’t hurt us, it’s not the best thing in the world to give to your poultry.

Even just one or two tablespoons of salt can throw off the delicate fluid and electrolyte balance in the tiny body of a bird. This can cause excessive thirst, kidney failure, dehydration, and death.

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