5 Rules to Start Your Poultry Farm

09 Aug 2021 01:12 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

The ever-rising demand for protein-rich poultry meat and associated products has made poultry farming one of the most profitable businesses today. Some even consider it the fastest growing sector of the Indian economy. The spirit of poultry farming is so good that even COVID did not waver its growth.

However, on the flipside it has also become one of the most competitive areas of farming due to its popularity. For a successful poultry farming business, a good plan is important. To help you, we’ve put together a list of 5 important rules you should consider before starting your own poultry farm.

5 Rules to Start Your Poultry Farm

1.  Pick your Ideal Sector

Poultry farming is a large industry. Prior to starting your poultry farm, it is important to get the assurance of sales. Consider your contacts, the region, the people who will buy your products and then decide to get into any one of the following niches:

·  Meat production (Broilers breeding)

·  Egg production (Layers breeding)

·  Chicken breeding (Hatchery)

                          ·  Egg and meat processing

2.  Choose the Correct Breeds and Types of Birds

If you are a poultry farm business owner, you can rear many types of birds. You can start with focus on two to three birds and then include more birds later as the business grows. Mostly, your choice will depend on what business you have picked: Meat, Eggs or both. Generally, poultry farms raise birds such as chicken as broilers and layers, duck, goose, quail, and turkey.

3.  Location

The ideal location for your poultry farm is a wide, open expanse of land with proximity to a town or city to sell your produce. Fitting it up with all the necessary facilities is also important. Try some land a little away from the town or city so that you can have the land and labor at a cheaper cost. According to USDA data, a poultry farm business owner who is located near four poultry companies or integrators is likely to earn 8 percent more gross income than a farmer located near to only one supplier. This data shows that the location of a poultry farm business matters a lot to poultry farmers to be feasible.

4.  Funds

You may be planning to start just a small poultry farm business. But even that requires basic facilities in order to run the farm successfully. You will need to purchase equipment such as feeders, drinkers, perches, lights systems, incubators, heaters or brooders, etc. Not to mention investment in land and labour.

5.  Get Professional Help

There are many aspects of poultry farming that require experienced people who know the nuances well.  For instance, vaccination and poultry care. So, try and hire only experienced people who have worked at other farms. Poultry farming need not be labor-intensive. If you have investment, you can involve technology and automation to make processes easier. 

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