All you need to know about Giriraja Chicken    

28 Dec 2021 06:16 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Giriraja is an indigenous hybrid breed of chicken that has been developed by combining the best features of native Indian country poultry and the famous white leghorn. First sarted as a project by by Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fishery Sciences University in Bangalore, this species of poultry now takes pride of place as one of the best performers in terms of commercial poultry farming.

Giriraja hens are big layers. They start laying a large number of eggs at the 20 week mark and have the capacity to lay around 130–150 annually. When compared to native country chickens, this is more than 120% increase. Each Giriraja egg is also healthy in weight; each egg weighing 52–55 grams. The eggs have a high hatchability ratio (80–85 per cent), and help farmers to start rearing their own stock instead of having to increase investment on procurement.  Their eggs are high in nutritional content. The eggs are brown, have stronger shells than that of other commercial eggs, and are hard to break. The chicken meat is less tender but is healthier for consumption containing less amount of fat than other varieties. The bird’s growth is also better than other local varieties and is suitable for both commercial and household farming.

All you need to know about Giriraja Chicken


A batch of five hens and one rooster is enough for rearing Giriraja. As they do not need extensive attention or monitoring, the chickens adapt well to any surrounding as they roam around freely and eat whatever is available like insects, grass and shrubs. Most often, even leftovers from the farm and kitchen are devoured by Girirajas. They are less expensive to maintain as there is no need to prepare a balanced nutritious diet or spend on poultry feed. They are hardy, easily acclimatizing themselves to all regions and different weather conditions. With a strong immunity to fight some of the most common diseases affecting farm birds, these majestic chickens are a blessing to brood.


There is growing demand for Giraja with increased awareness among the consumers about its advantages and this is a great opportunity to ensure that any commercial poultry venture is a definite success. If you would like to start growing Girirajas, has the best vaccinated chicks that have high growth potential. Explore day old chicks here: AQAI

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