Benefits of Aquaculture

04 Aug 2021 07:31 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Over 70% of the world’s surface is covered in water and humans have realized its importance as a resource. In pursuit of reaping its many benefits, Aqaculture - the process of rearing, breeding and harvesting of aquatic species, both animals and plants, in controlled aquatic environments has started to gain ground.

With multiple advantages like increased food production, restoration of threatened/endangered species populations, and habitat restoration, Aquaculture is a great method of farming. 

Benefits of Aquaculture

Here are a list of why you need to consider it soon:

Economic Benefits

1. Alternative Food Sources that is Healthy

Fish and other seafood are great protein food sources adding nutrition with the presence of natural oils like omega 3 fatty acids. Being white meat, they also bring down cholesterol levels considerably in the blood as compared to other red meat like beef, mutton.  They are also easier to breed and convert to protein more productively than other livestock producing meat.

 2 . Increased Employment

Aquaculture adds to the annual incomes of people in underdeveloped countries by providing extra employment through the process of building  and maintaining Aquaculture farms. Automated and mechanized fish farming can eliminate the need to spend hours at open sea without the promise of quantity.

 Environmental Benefits

1. Creates a Pollution Barrier

Aquaculture creates a pollution barrier that protects the nearby seas, oceans from land waste dumping. Advantages to the economy make it imperative for countries to preserve their marine environments which generate additional revenue and employment.

2. Reduced Fishing Pressure

 Aquaculture provides a different food source by rearing and breeding fish types in farms, ponds. Overexploitation of natural schools of fish, seafood in seas, oceans through processes like bottom trawling has led to dwindling catches leading to danger of extinction of fish species. These species can be bred, reared artificially in aqua farms, ponds thus allowing the wild fish species to rejuvenate and increase in numbers. Fishermen can now change to fish farming and get better income as the time and labour required for the same output is lesser. They have better control of fish supply and can earn more by controlling the produce as required in different situations.

4. Water Usage

Aquaculture uses water for production  from runoffs, storm and surface water which does not spoil other natural water sources. Further, the ponds retain the  water in the soil nearby thus not affecting natural water supplies in the surrounding areas.

If you are looking to start Aquaculture, we have all the information you need to get you going. Visit and read our blogs for more inf.



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