Best Indian Goat Breeds for Milk and Meat 

28 Oct 2021 10:15 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Goat farming is becoming popular in Rural areas and towns of India nowadays as it involves minimum financial outlay and risk, but good profits. Goats can be raised in small areas of land as they require much less care and maintenance than other farm animals. Goat farming can be combined with rearing, breeding of other livestock such a sheep and cows. They are usually raised and bred for production of milk, meat and leather either in small or big scale. Different varieties or breeds of goat are good for milk production or for meat, leather.   

Here we will outline and discuss the best goat breeds for milk and meat in India.

Goat breed selection is very important as different breeds require to be raised, bred differently to get maximum output for milk or meat.

Best breeds for milk production.

1.  Jamnapyari is a popular breed of goat found in Uttar Pradesh reared mainly for milk. They are good-looking, healthy by nature and rarely attacked by illnesses affecting other breeds.

2.  Surti goat breed is found in Surat, Gujarat and raised for good quality and quantity of milk. It is small in size, white in color and can be managed easily to graze in open areas.

3.  Osmanabadi breed is found mainly in Western Maharashtra , adjacent parts of Telengana and reared mainly for milk.

4.  Jakhrana breed is found mainly in Rajasthan and gives good milk production.

5.  Barbari breed of goats are reared for dual purpose and give good quantity of milk.


Best breeds for meat production.

1.  Boer breed is most popular for meat production in India. It was developed in South Africa and has good growth characteristics due to selective breeding.

2.  Barbari breed is very famous for its meat as much as it is famous for its milk.

3.  Sirohi breed is found in most areas of Rajasthan but is raised for its meat in Uttar Pradesh. It is very hardy in nature and can live in areas of extreme heat.

4.  Beetal breed, also called Lahori goat is famous for good meat production having a large body size.

5.  Jakhrana goat breed from Rajasthan is also popular for meat production.

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