Five Profitable Livestock Rearing Ideas for 2022

04 Jan 2022 07:24 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Raising livestock has always been a good source of revenue for mankind and is presently one of the most profitable businesses. They can be started even in a small plot at the back of your house or in a small rented place. One only has to do a bit of research and choose livestock with good demand in local markets and get started.

Here are 5 profitable livestock that are affordable, lucrative and can get you great ROI with minimal support and investment.

Five Profitable Livestock Rearing Ideas for 2022

Goat Farming

Goat farming reaps good profits as it involves selling both milk and meat. Besides, it does not require huge capital but can generate good gains. Goats can be kept in small spaces as their size is small compared to other animals. Also, goat farming started with even 6-7 goats, guarantees fast and good returns on the initial expenses.

Dairy Farming

A livestock business which can flourish anywhere is dairy farming.  It has the potential to multiply revenues with the diverse range of products that it yields. Apart from meat and milk, dairy farming can facilitate yoghurts, cheese and other lactose products which are priced high. Selection of good cattle breeds is important while starting the business.

 Sheep Farming

Sheep farming is also another profitable livestock business option for any farmer.  The sheep are reared for their milk, meat and fiber after selecting special breeds suited to the climate of the area.  A good realistic business plan, which includes all expenses and projected income, should be prepared by anyone who wants to venture into sheep farming.

Fish Farming

Fish farming is another business with good profits if there is access to a coast or a large water body. Fish can also be grown on land through specialized tanks, and ponds too. Different types of fish like carp, shrimp, catfish,  prawns and salmon can be chosen for fish farming after doing a market study and estimating the local demand for them.  

Poultry Farming 

Poultry farming can be done for both eggs and meat layers and broilers. It is a business with good profits as demand for healthy food alternatives are being sought. Raising chickens is not time intensive and a minimal level of health monitoring may be enough.

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