Heat and Home for day-old Turkey chicks

09 May 2022 06:03 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Turkey chicks are an absolute delight to have around. They’re highly personable birds. If you follow a few simple steps, you can provide all the comfort and warmth that the newborn turkey chicks need for their growth. 


Source of Heat

Mother’s warmth is the best source of heat for turkey chicks. Unfortunately, little baby turkeys often come without their mothers. Thus, it is imperative that the chicks receive supplemental heat. Online sources suggest heat lamps as a source of heat, but they can turn out to be a  hazardous fire risk. At certain high temperatures, these bulbs can put out highly toxic fumes. Ceramic bulb heat lamps are a safer option when placed at least 18 inches away from any flammable materials.

Even a regular incandescent bulb can provide enough warmth for these young turkey chicks. It is advised to arrange water and food near the heat source but not directly underneath it. If their food and water is directly under the heat source, chances are that the food turns too hot. 95 degrees Farenheit could be the right temperature to begin with and gradually decrease 5 degrees every week until their feather comes out.

Heat and Home for day-old Turkey chicks


Living Space

Drafts and improper ventilation can lead to unwanted health complications among turkey chicks. Draft-free living spaces should be a top priority. Placing them in cages with wired bottoms can lead to serious foot injuries. One can use soft bedding, grass and never cedar wood shavings for their living space. Wood shavings can cause harm to the respiratory systems of the young birds. Short roosts can be provided for turkey chicks that are 3 weeks old depending on their breed. Their roosting areas as well as their living spaces need to be regularly cleaned. It is important to note that, using straws to make their living spaces comfortable can lead to aspergillosis.


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