How can Blockchain and AI make fish farming more sustainable. 

10 Jan 2022 06:04 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Catering to an increasing demand for seafood has always been pitted against care for the environment. Traditional fish farming is still a major supplier whose production has increased five-fold during the past three decades. But at the cost of depleting the thriving oceanic ecosystem. 

In order to ensure positive results for both, aquaculture on land and seafood derived from tissues of aquatic species are two of the recent production techniques based on latest technologies that have been developed.

Termed Blockchain and AI, these technologies in fish farming have helped meet the increasing seafood demand worldwide while reducing the negative effects of fishing on the environment. They help maintain optimal stock of aquatic species so that the population does not dwindle to very low levels in the future.

How can Blockchain and AI make fish farming more sustainable.

Blockchain technology provides firms the ability to give customers complete visibility into the farming process. From the initial stage of breeding fish eggs to the final stage of packaging the fish, transparency can be maintained in order to ensure that every customer knows exactly where their food is coming from.

All the information available on breeding, feeding, selection, harvesting and processing of fish is now collated into connected blocks to develop a chain that uses information from all the different stages of the cycle. The individual components in the fish feed can also be tracked with this technology with input data from fish feed suppliers. This information is helping firms to make their processes more effective and bring down fish deaths.

Blockchain is also used by firms to test tools that give information on when exactly fish eggs should be raised to sell targeted numbers of fish on future dates.

AI can also help firms in future to recognize individual fishes in a batch process and send updates regarding each on injuries or other health problems which may arise later. AI technology is being used to monitor and increase the amount of plant protein, starches and oils in fish feed which will reduce the amount of carbon and water used to produce fish and mitigate the negative effects on the environment.

Fish farming firms can use AI and Blockchain technologies to predict the number of fishes which can be produced which is sustainable in their farms and can restore depleted stocks of fishes without harming the environment.

Overall, AI and Blockchain technologies are helping in improving the efficiency of fish farming and making it more sustainable.

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