How can a digital nose sniff our diseases in poultry?

29 Apr 2022 03:38 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

The digital age is full of pleasant surprises for every one of us. Especially for farmers who are dependent on the profits they make from livestock cultivation. Online marketplaces and forums have provided farmers visibility and accessibility to information and technical expertise. These platforms have also helped cut down middlemen and maximise their profits. Poultry and livestock farmers are now reaping the benefits of the digital age. is one such online platform that is helping farmers build their business, increase production and maximize profits without any trouble.


How can a digital nose sniff our diseases in poultry

Another wonderful blessing of the digital era is the advancements in the field of technology and artificial intelligence that has led to the development of chemical sensors that can help identify bacteria and fungus that might cause disease outbreaks on farms. This development has the potential to provide breakthroughs to all poultry farmers who can use it to identify and prevent outbreaks of deadly poultry diseases.


The digital nose identifies any change in the odour. It is programmed in such a way that each odour elicits a unique response. The e-noses are capable of detecting different microbial species that cause diseases. The sensors can learn what the normal odour is and flag every time there is a change in what is programmed to be the normal odour. The sensors can detect changes in air velocity, pressure and temperature. This can help prevent diseases like avian influenza that spread through the air.


A disease poses a significant risk to the health of the poultry as well as the health of the farmer’s business. Farmers who set up small scale poultry farms by buying poultry from online market places like are always concerned about poultry diseases that can affect the productivity and profitability of their poultry farms. The traditional methods of monitoring diseases are highly subjective, time-consuming and inefficient at times. Sensors and digital noses can help small farmers find a way to cut down potential losses that might arise due to infectious diseases. 


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