How to Get the Best Goat in the Market

19 Apr 2022 04:01 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Goat farming is a livelihood for a major part of the rural Indian population. They rear goats for both milk and meat. The key to setting up a farm is to lay the best foundation with an exceptional breed of goat. The breed you pick for your farm should come with desirable traits that line up with the final goal you have in mind for your goat farm.  


In order to produce superior goats, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to observe the anatomy of the key organs of the goat. For instance, a wedge feminine appearance, nicely placed ribs in a breeding doe, and a goat with well-developed genitalia are great characteristics that indicate a healthy goat. The placement of the ribs is indicative of good volume which could only mean that the goat can accommodate more feeds and kids. The udder attached firmly to the body needs to have two teats per udder. A pendulous udder or a loosely hanging udder is to be avoided at all costs for a foundation breed.

How to Get the Best Goat in the Market


In a buck, the head and chest need to be broad, the scrotum needs to be well-formed with two equally sized testicles. The production of sperms depends on the circumference of the testicle therefore, the bigger testicles tend to produce more sperms than normally sized testicles.

It is best to avoid goats with a single testicle and goats with smaller sized testicles. Diseased testes or a split scrotum can also negatively affect the farm you intend to build.


Performance records form an excellent reference point when picking out a foundation stock The past records do tend to draw a picture of its future performance. Birth weight, dam, sire, number of children borne per dam, difficulties during birth are critical to the performance of the goat in the future.


Your insight into what the market demands can surely help you make the right selection for your farm. 


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