How to select the ideal location for your Goat farm. 

20 Nov 2021 01:18 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Goat meat has always been popular in India since ancient times. Considered a delicacy, many include this meat in their diet at least once a week. As a result of increasing demand, goat population across the country grew by over 10% between 2012 and 2019.

However, in order to run a successful commercial goat farming business, probably the most important requirement is a large open space. Goats like to roam freely in groups and it is better for the animals as they are healthier and have better immunity to infections and common diseases. Here is you locate the ideal place to rear your goats:


1.  Generally, they thrive and grow well in hot areas where water does not stagnate easily. The ideal location would be a place in villages or outskirts of towns where the air is cleaner and pollution-free.

2.  As they like to consume lot of grass daily, the grazing pastures should be situated near the rearing sheds and having plenty of grassy shrubs ,bushes.

3.  The surface should be clean and dry and even mud floor would be suitable except for areas of heavy rainfall, snow which would make it wet and slippery.

4.  There should be regular and easy availability of fresh, clean water in the area as goats require good amount of water to drink daily to remain healthy.

5.  Full-time labour should be available easily for taking care of the animals.

6.  The local markets should be  nearby within short travel time for buying necessary food items ,commodities and for selling the meat, milk. It may be good to estimate the demand and its growth in the near future for milk, meat in the local population before deciding the location.

7.  The local licenses and approvals needed from the competent authorities and the expenses for the same need to be identified, estimated to see whether they are competitive compared to other locations and not excessive.

8.  Land needed for open areas for grazing and building of sheds ,enclosures should be easily available at a reasonable price. Land availability for grazing is crucial in goat farming as the land requirement on an average is an acre for 2 to 4 goats for poor pastures and 6 to 8 goats for better ones. 10 goats will generally clear an acre of land through grazing in a month so extra land for pasturing for the flock has to be kept ready. Even for a small quantity of 50 goats, a minimum of 1 acre of land is required for rearing and shed construction. 

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