How to use poultry vaccination responsibly

22 Apr 2022 11:49 AM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

The growth and development of the poultry industry depend heavily on the vaccines administered to them. Poultry vaccines help in the effective control of diseases that plague poultry birds. They are economic tools that contribute to the maintenance of poultry health.


Vaccines help strengthen the defense of a bird's immune system. A vaccinated bird might not suffer the disease or even if it does, the effects might not be as detrimental as they would’ve been if it wasn’t vaccinated.

How to use poultry vaccination responsibly


In order to administer the poultry vaccines responsibly, it is imperative that these guidelines be followed.


1.  A vaccine’s potency needs to be tested to ensure that it produces the desired result before administration.

2.  There needs to be complete clarity regarding the product and the number of doses to be administered 

3.  During the storage and application of the vaccine, it should be completely stable.

4.  The environment to store the vaccine needs to be appropriate. Some vaccines need to be stored in containers whose temperature needs to be monitored manually or automatically. The department is to ensure that there are sufficient people to handle the stock and administer the vaccine.

5.  If the administration of the vaccine requires additional equipment, the administrator should ensure that it is procured and well maintained.

6.  Sufficient training has to be given to farmers and farm staff who will be administering the vaccine to the poultry birds.

7.  Immuno-suppressive diseases are capable of blocking the body’s response to a vaccine. The stock should not be suffering from any such diseases which would evoke an undesirable response in the bird.

8.  To avoid adverse interaction of the vaccine with other vaccines, the timing, dosage and repeat administrations should be reviewed by experts.

9.  A system to monitor the responses to the vaccine needs to be set up.


Poultry vaccines have proven to increase production at a farm level by combating some very serious poultry illnesses. Thus, aims to deliver only vaccinated chicks to you from certified, hygienic hatcheries. This ensures that the quality of poultry birds for your farms or your businesses is never compromised. 

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