Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Goat Farm

25 Apr 2022 11:21 AM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Goat farming is a lucrative business if you are interested in Animal Husbandry. It can be a highly profitable venture if done right. Goat rearing has evolved to become one of the main occupations for people of Rural India. 

We have chalked out key mistakes to avoid when starting a goat farm so that you can have a successful venture.

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Goat Farm


1.  Purchasing unhealthy goats

The temptation to buy goats when someone quotes a good price is real. But such transactions don’t always turn out to be a good deal, some goats might come with serious health concerns that aren’t visible at the first glance.

Before buying goats from a dealer, it is important to check if they have been vaccinated against diseases and tested serious health concerns.


2.  Choosing a wrong breed

Goat owners who are just starting out tend to assume that all goats are of the same breed. It is a common assumption to make. But goats reared for milk and those reared for meat are raised differently. It is always good to know about the types of goat breeds before making a choice.


3.  Not having space

Goats tend to need a lot of space to grow up healthy. If you crowd your spaces with more goats than they can accommodate, then they might get affected by parasites. Additionally, you can’t keep the female goats, her babies and the male goats along with them. It's important that you provide them with as much room as possible for their growth.


The Indoor rearing area for goats should be at least 10 feet. You can raise anywhere between 6 to 8 goats per acre. 


4.  Not educating yourself

It is your duty to equip yourself with knowledge related to the rearing of goats. Books, online videos, or experts at aqai.in will give you enough information to get started on this business venture. This information is essential to prosper in your goat rearing business.


Following all these steps will ensure you don’t make simple mistakes when it comes to rearing goats. 

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