Prevention of Zoonotic diseases when working with poultry

04 May 2022 11:46 AM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

A disease that is transmitted between species, predominantly animals and humans, is called a Zoonotic disease. The diseases cause minor short-term illnesses to major life-changing illnesses. Extreme cases of Zoonotic disease even cause death. 


The zoonotic disease spreads through the air, contaminated meat, and close contact with an infected animal or insect bites.


Prevention of Zoonotic diseases when working with poultry

Zoonotic diseases affect poultry if they happen to inhale faecal dust, respiratory aerosols, or consume water or food contaminated by faeces. Workers who directly work with infected animals or their tissue samples etc are highly exposed to zoonoses. And because humans are at a high risk of getting infected it is imperative that one avoids workplace exposures and educates farm employees about the perils of this disease.


Personal hygiene as well as the maintenance of hygiene while on the farm is of utmost importance. Personal protective clothing and equipment, seasonal influenza vaccines, antiviral medicine, and medical surveillance are some effective practices recommended for all poultry workers.


Preventing the disease in animals by identifying it during the early stages can help protect humans from the spread of this disease. Other ways of tackling this disease also involve -

(i) restricting the number of visitors to the farms

(ii) ensuring that the farmworkers don’t visit other farms that might potentially house the disease

(iii) control of pests like rodents and insects

(iv) hygienic waste management and disinfection protocols

(v) confinement housing


Understanding how Zoonotic diseases spread can go a long way in helping you identify and prevent them along with the effective recommendations mentioned above.

Poultry birds available at can help you set up a healthy poultry farm with the potential to increase your income levels and the levels of production at your farm. You can ensure that your farm is not at risk of infecting Zoonotic disease by ensuring these above-mentioned steps are followed along with the purchase of healthy, vaccinated birds. 


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