Surprising Facts About Kadaknath Chicken

22 Dec 2021 11:42 AM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Kadaknath chicken, the latest craze among chicken lovers and food enthusiasts, is an Indian breed with origins in Jhabua ,Madhya Pradesh.  It is one among three famous breeds of Black Chicken in the world. 


This chicken is adaptable and has developed the ability to brave the adverse tropical weather of India. Due to its hardiness and robust muscle growth, hardly any antibiotics are used in producing Kadaknath chickens making them a rage among the health conscious.

Surprising Facts About Kadaknath Chicken


Here is a list of reasons why Kadaknath chickens are revered:

1.  The novelty of eating black meat trumps all else. Combined with the unique taste, its unusual black colour and shiny glowing black skin render Kadaknath a delicacy.

2.  Kadaknath meat has 25% more protein content than regular breeds. Added to this, it also contains 18 amino acids out of which 8 are considered to be integral to the healthy functioning of the human body.


3.  This chicken is full of the major vitamins like C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12. Minerals such as niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and others that are vital for good health can are easily absorbed from consuming Kadaknath meat.


4.  The Eggs from Kadaknath are loaded with protein and other nutrients. Useful to regulate body weight, these eggs are also said to have medicinal properties and are used to cure headaches, asthma, kidney problems and improve immunity.

5.  The cholesterol content in its meat is much less than other regular breeds making it good for the heart and lowering the risk of strokes and other heart problems.


6.  As the blood and meat of this chicken contains lot of iron it is recommended for people suffering from Anemia.


7.  The blood of this chicken contains melanin useful for increasing melanin content in people suffering from Vitiligo, a skin discoloration which occurs due to  melanin deficiency.

Overall, if you love eating chicken, Kadaknath chickens are the best breed you can find in the market. Delicious and protein-rich, it is growing to be a popular breed among consumers and poultry farmers alike. 

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