Technology and Digitization help aquaculture farmers reduce costs and increase output

11 May 2022 01:35 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

India is the 2nd largest producer of fish. The aquaculture sector contributes approximately 68% of fish to the global market. Despite this, aquaculture has been highly unorganized in India due to the uncertainty that comes with middlemen. Farmers are able to generate profits but due to the interference of middlemen, they haven't been able to make the money that their hard work and toil deserve. The sector employs close to 28 million people and supports and uplifts their livelihoods.


In order to ensure that the farmers reap the benefits of their hard work, integration of technology on farms is wildly encouraged. A full-stack aquaculture technology venture and an online marketplace have the potential to offer real-time farm monitoring solutions, access to the export markets for coastal farmers as well as technical aquaculture expertise and consultation.

Technology and Digitization help aquaculture farmers reduce costs and increase output


With the help of AI and satellite remote sensing technology, one can aim to increase the productivity of the farmers as well as their farms. Being able to connect a farmer to vendors and suppliers allows them to interact with them and trade directly allowing the farmers to be self-reliant. In addition to that, a sound online platform can also connect a farmer to farm input manufacturers who provide seeds, chemicals, probiotics, etc and exporters as well. The availability of scientific and quality inputs has significantly increased a farmer’s profit margin.


Technology has proven to increase a farm's output and decrease a farmer's input costs. This has also encouraged more farmers to take up farming and increase their revenue growth. The successful combination of humans and technology has paved the way for some excellent farm practices in aquaculture only to ensure that the farmer benefits from the higher levels of output. is one such online marketplace that encourages farmers to set up their farms and benefit from the technical expertise provided by the experts working closely with farmers and helping them increase their incomes. works toward educating farmers about the benefits of integrating technology and their farms. The online marketplace allows you to buy seeds, poultry or fish and sell your produce on the same platform thus helping you cut the middlemen and all the costs that come with them. 


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