Tips to Scale Aquaculture Farming

03 Dec 2021 04:05 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

The Aquaculture industry, like any other, has its share of pros and cons. Issues may be many, but the growth that the Aquaculture industry is seeing is exponential as more people demand healthy meat sources. 


The concept of eating local fish has also gained ground as supply chains were disrupted during the COVID pandemic. This has given rise to increased affinity to fish grown on ground in farms that are easily accessible to the nearest marketplace.


The time is now ripe to invest in farming fish or scaling up operations. Here are some tips we suggest to take the right track to growth and maximise the potential of this industry. 

Tips to Scale Aquaculutre Farming


Focus on Performance of Feed

Feed constitute about 50-70% of operational costs in most farms. While selecting feed, the cost per kg should not be the key deciding factor. Instead, evaluate the feed basis the following factors:  

·  Efficiency

·  Quality

·  Fish Growth rate

·  Digestibility

·  Health and immune support

·  Protein Content


Optimal Water Quality

Every species of fish has its own environment where it thrives. Failure to maintain optimal water quality can negatively affect the growth and performance of the farm. The risk of disease could also increase if the immune response of the fish declines.


Palatability and the digestibility of feed will be evident in the waste excreted by the fish. A low feed digestibility is likely to lead to increased mineral and protein excretion. Such waste has high amounts of potentially harmful ammonia and nitrogen which can to a great extent pollute the water and endanger the fish.


Implement Best Practices

Optimal farm performance is highly dependent on implementation of a strict best practices management program. This supports biosecurity practices and better feeding. Investment in automated feeding technologies can help with reducing labor costs over time and to a great extent brings to an end some of the feeding practices that can contribute to poor water quality. 


Support Health

Commit to the provision of feed that offers a good nutritional balance as that can directly impact the health of the fish and the success of the farm. Vitamins and minerals should be added to the feed in order to create a nutritionally balanced and truly complete fish diet that meets the basic nutritional needs of the fish.

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