Digital Technology - How can it help with poultry farming?

21 Dec 2021 07:08 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

In this digital era, data is a new currency that has proved to be invaluable. It has infiltrated into roots of human living and now plays a big role in running a successful poultry farm. Information from poultry farms is being used to supervise weight, monitor feed efficiency and forecast production capacity. All these factors ultimately help protect and improve chicken health. 

One of the other major advantages of digital revolution in poultry farming is the quantum of money saved by including Artificial intelligence and data literacy. Software is being developed to go one step further than just collecting data to analyzing it and automating forecasts more efficiency in poultry management. This cycle is likely to enhance the ROI of poultry farms and give the livestock industry a boost.

There are five major digital technologies which can make it easier to evaluate the data collected in poultry farming for better decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

1. Sensors

The collection of data starts with sensors which then link and collate the information to send it safely. Information can be of various types ranging from simple audio, text to videos captured to monitor how the chickens eat, temperature and other related factors inside the area housing the poultry. Feed troughs are monitored using technologies like temperature probes, load cells, lasers and detecting noise.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

IOT technology can give running information about feed stocks and poultry numbers,  weight of poultry and water consumed. This information can be used to prepare precise forecasting prototypes for time required to empty, replenish feed troughs, poultry weight gain.

3. Artificial intelligence

AI has gained popularity in poultry farming due to rapid progress in quantum of information, software complexity, hardware maintenance and cloud computing.  In poultry management, AI is being extensively used as a forecasting tool to help make scientific and accurate decisions through data aggregation of outcomes and outputs. This is seen as a big change from the past when decisions were made first and the results analyzed later.

In poultry production, AI is the prime mover for optical technology which provides information about the health of poultry flocks. Similarly, AI provides information about efficiency of equipment used, can forecast when to maintain it and help in awareness of the product among consumers.

4. Cloud technology

Cloud technology eliminates the need for increasing data storage space by keeping information on the web from where it can be shared and seen by all parties involved in the poultry industry to help use the information through analytics for future decisions.

5. Digitized supply chain

Blockchain technology is used here starting from the poultry farm and extending through the entire supply chain. Through blockchain, infected products and malfunctioning processes in the middle of the manufacturing process are removed. This technology gives a farmer a clear view of each stage in the poultry production process. Barcodes or RFID labels help future customers to know about the conditions of rearing and feeding of the poultry products before purchase.

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