Duck Eggs and Meat - Secret Nutritional Powerhouse

06 Jan 2022 03:42 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Duck rearing was a small-time activity that has now gained popularity in recent times, second only to chicken farming. Ducks are reared because of their delicious meat, resistance to diseases, high profitability and longer economic egg-production life. This makes duck meat and eggs highly desirable, but what makes them a secret nutritional powerhouse? Let us walk you through the nutritional composition of duck meat and eggs and you will see exactly why they are a nutritional powerhouse. 

Duck Eggs and Meat - Secret Nutritional Powerhouse 

Duck Eggs :

Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs in size. Typically, duck eggs weigh between 65-75 grams, which is about 10-20 grams higher than chicken eggs. Thus, taking their size into consideration they offer more proteins than chicken eggs. The high levels of proteins help build muscles and maintain a healthy weight. The dark yellow yolk indicates the high amount of anti-oxidants they hold. Duck eggs are also an excellent source of minerals like selenium, zinc and magnesium. Duck eggs are also a great source of Vitamin A and D. Duck eggs and meat also contains unsaturated fatty acids that improve blood cholesterol levels. It is believed that egg whites and yolks contain close to 70 grams of nutrients. All of these aspects make duck eggs healthier than chicken eggs.


Duck Meat :

Duck meat is a traditional delicacy that consists of proteins, vitamins & minerals, iron, fat, and potassium. Its nutrients come in relatively higher amounts compared to chicken, filling up a bigger percentage of your daily nutrient intake. The proteins help repair our muscles and the iron keeps healthy blood flowing throughout our body helping us grow. The duck meat rich in Vitamin B such as riboflavin & B12 contributes to the growth of healthy hair and healthy skin.  This makes it a flavourful and nutritional meat that can give rise to some great recipes across a variety of cuisines. 


Ducks are reared for their delicious and nutritious meat which is rich in proteins, vitamins & minerals fats and iron. Even the fats that make up duck eggs and meat are beneficial fats that help regulate cholesterol levels. So, duck eggs and meat are highly nutritional and they shouldn’t be excluded from a healthy diet plan. 

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