How Good is Goat Meat?

11 Dec 2021 04:08 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Popular consensus is that mutton or goat meat can be incredibly tasty but at the same time is tough and hard. It ranks lower in the order than beef, pork or lamb. However, what is not commonly known is that eating goat can be very nutritious and beneficial for health. In this blog, we present the various advantages and qualities of this much maligned meat which should be part of your menu.

1.  Good for Planet Earth

Goats do their bit for the environment and improve the quality of grazing land by consuming weeds and thorny bushes overlooked by other livestock. This helps the grassy pasture to regenerate and not become barren.

2.  Ideal for Slow Cooking

 The meat does not disintegrate quickly making it ideal for slow cooking. More time in the pot increases the flavor retention into fibres of the meat rendering mutton curries and stew, delectable and delicious.

3.  Low in fat, calories and cholesterol

Goat meat has less fat, cholesterol and calories than other red meats such has beef, pork and lamb. There is no oil production when cooking and the iron content of the bone marrow from goat is considered the highest among all cuts of non-vegetarian food.

 4. High Protein

Goat meat is rich in protein and essential amino acids for maintaining muscular health without the extra calories.

5.  Rich in Calcium & Potassium.

Goat meat has much more calcium and potassium than other meats helping in maintaining fluid balance and controlling blood pressure.

6. Packed with Vitamins

It has high levels of Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12 which are important for producing red blood cells and maintaining the proper function of the nervous system. It also contains antioxidants like selenium and choline which are useful for reducing risk of cancer, heart disease.

7. Low Sodium

It contains much less sodium than chicken and beef which is ideal for people who want to cut down on sodium but not lose out on taste, smell.

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