Quail Eggs Vs. Chicken Eggs Which one is better? 

10 Dec 2021 06:56 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Quail eggs are fast becoming popular as a viable alternative to chicken eggs.

Both taste almost the same but quail eggs are much smaller in size - only around one-third the size of a normal chicken egg. Their shells have a cream tinge with brown spots and yolks are coloured deep-yellow. Despite their size, they are highly nutritious.

A single quail egg gives almost all the daily requirements of vitamin B12, selenium, riboflavin, and choline along with some amount of iron - with the advantage of having only 14 calories.

Selenium and riboflavin help break down the food eaten and produce energy. In addition, Selenium helps the thyroid to function properly. Vitamin B12 and iron help the nervous system function properly and play an integral role in forming red blood cells as well as maintaining optimum energy levels in the body. Choline is important to help in production of acetylcholine, helping to transmit messages from the nervous system to body muscles. Quail eggs have large yolks and as most of the nutrients in eggs are found in the yolk, they contain more nutrients as compared to chicken eggs.

They also contain more fat and protein than chicken eggs, iron and riboflavin content is double and they have more vitamin B12 than chicken eggs. Chicken eggs have the advantage of containing more choline.

The only problem with Quail eggs is that they cost much more and are quite tough to locate. For obtaining the same amount of protein, more quail eggs are needed and this hikes up the costs. Also, as they are unpasteurized, they are not advised for pregnant women and those with weak immunity unless cooked properly.

Overall, Quail eggs are healthy and tasty but are not very much better in nutrition than chicken eggs  and each person has to decide for themselves whether they need to be added in their daily diet. 

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