Rearing Ducks - What are the varieties available?

08 Jan 2022 04:18 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

The demand for duck eggs and meat has shot up exponentially due to their flavourful and nutritional properties. This demand has given duck farmers the impetus to stay committed to rearing ducks for their meat and eggs. We can see that a variety of ducks available in the market are reared especially for their meat and eggs. Duck rearing has additional benefits in the area of biological pest management, and duck farming is known to improve the fertility of soil. Duck Farming is essential to ensure food security. 


A variety of ducks are reared primarily for their eggs, duck meat is also very popular among the meat lovers. Here are some famous duck breeds that are reared for their meat and eggs.


1.  Campbell :

Often referred to as Khaki Campbell due to its tan color, is a breed that is reared predominantly for its eggs. They lay as many as 340 eggs a year. Campbells are well-suited to a range of climates and are content with a healthy diet, calm environment and ample grazing space. Campbells are often sold as crossbreeds and these crossbreeds do not produce as many eggs as the authentic breed. Ensure that your breed of Campbells is authentic before acquiring your birds.


2.   Ancona

This variety of ducks is an ideal dual-purpose breed, laying close to 240 eggs a year and producing tasty and delicious meat. Ancona produces eggs in white, cream, blue and green colors. These ducks also prefer ample foraging space like the Campbells and can also be excellent pond birds.


3.  White Peakin

The Peakin is a breed of domestic duck raised primarily for its meat, capable of substituting both turkey and chicken in exotic recipes. They are the most common commercial meat ducks. These ducks are preferred because of their nutritional value.


4.  Aylesbury

The Aylesbury duck is a superior meat breed, bred mainly for their meat and appearance. The ducks kept for breeding or the stock ducks were kept away from polluted air and water of the town back in Aylesbury, ensuring that the ducks were healthy and fertile. Aylesbury ducks are now rarer and critically endangered.

5.  Vigova Super M broilers

This breed of duck is a broiler strain of duck which is a cross of White Pekin and Aylesbury. These ducks can be grown profitably in the deep litter method.


With ample research duck farming can be profitable anywhere across the country. Duck rearing has not been established but rearing ducks for commercial purposes has gained momentum in the past couple of years. 

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