Up to 8 lakh Govt. Subsidy for Sheep & Goat Farming

05 May 2022 10:57 AM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

It is the Prime Minister’s vision to maximize farmers’ income by practising agriculture. The schemes like The Integrated Sheep Development Scheme (ISDS) have been drafted to supplement livestock outputs. It is also devised to promote the establishment of goat and sheep units in Union Territories due to their multifaceted utility. The production of wool, meat, skin, milk and manure make valuable contributions to the economy as well as the income of the weaker sections of the society. Under this scheme, sheep and goat farmers can avail of financial assistance from banks, subsidies and other incentives.


To set up a sheep/goat unit, livestock is provided free of cost. The unit consists of 25 ewes or does whose equivalents are retrieved in a phased manner at the beginning of the third year. Any individual, self-help group, cooperative society or association can reap the benefits of this scheme.


The sheep/goat units are eligible for a subsidy of 50% of the unit cost or Rs.1 Lac whichever is lesser when considered per unit. The maximum subsidy ceiling for 8 goat/sheep units is Rs. 8 Lacs. In each case, a unit consists of 25 sheep or goats. Under this scheme, a farmer can procure shearing equipment with a total subsidy of 50% of its unit cost or a ceiling of Rs. 75,000 per unit, whichever turns out to be lesser. The shearing equipment consists of one Genset, one shearing machine, and one shearing accessories and spares. The scheme also dictates that the departments concerned, need to assist during disease outbreaks to prevent losses.


The schemes are designed to ensure that the goat and sheep farms one sets up, can prove to be lucrative business endeavours. AQAI.in is a platform dedicated to helping livestock cultivators to set up their farms by providing the necessary livestock. 


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