What is a nano-bubble generator? How does it help in Aquaculture?  

11 Jan 2022 02:16 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

The fish farming industry has now expanded across US, China, UK, Philippines, Chile and Thailand. With South East Asia always having the major share of fish production, it is now surprising to note that the Middle East and Africa regions have joined in the competition too. Known for meagre seafood demand, an increase in health consciousness and cultural integration, have boosted the demand for fish meat in arid regions too. This has translated into a sudden spurt in the number of fisheries and R&D into newer technologies to facilitate more production. One such interesting technology is the Nano-bubble generator. 


 Nanobubbles are very small oxygen bubbles which are made by introducing compressed oxygen into moving water which spreads through the water and creates bubbles. They are similar to colloidal particles and remain in the water for a long period, neither sinking nor rising to the top, and fill the selected water with oxygen.


Nanobubbles are produced through nanobubble generators which have a high oxygen transfer efficiency of 85%, much better than conventional aerators which are currently being used. These generators have the advantage of facilitating the housing of more fishes inside a particular water space and maintaining water quality while negating the effects of organisms spreading diseases.


The use of nanobubble generators in ponds and fish farms helps to maintain a balanced temperature in the upper and lower layers of the water inside the area. As the water is circulated continuously from top to bottom, there is no risk of transition layers which are usually formed in water bodies. 


It also reduces the formation of gray-green cellular algae providing a better environment for the fishes. It increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in ponds, tanks used for aquaculture thereby preventing malodor.


Nanobubble generators are also seeing increased use in waste water treatment, hydroponics, irrigation in agriculture and horticulture.


Overall, The increasing demand for seafood worldwide is expected to give a boost to aquaculture  which will increasingly rely more on nanobubble generators to increase their fish production while maintaining water quality. 

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