What is Driving Increasing Investment in AgTech Sector? 

08 Apr 2022 12:22 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

The Agritech industry has garnered sudden interest among investors because of shifting consumer habits and needs in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and a renewed focus on healthy eating and climate change.

There is no denying that the pandemic has affected what we eat and how we eat. It has forced countries to explore the need to improve food security and increase production. This is also closely linked to the changes we are seeing in our environment as a result of climate change pushing us to discuss and take steps towards food security and increasing the production of food.


The new and innovative ideas to solve problems of food, health and climate  have motivated investors to invest in furthering technological advancement through research and development. The application of AI to poultry farming or using a blockchain system to ensure a reliable, secure and transparent movement of products throughout the supply chain are instances where AgTech solutions are contributing to agricultural and livestock goods. Research in the field of AgTech applications can be powered to run agricultural operations, fine-tune crop predictions and enhance other aspects of the supply chain.  


With the advent of smartphones, buying and selling have become simpler even in rural areas. Online sales have widened the horizons of farmers when it comes to the availability of choices. The online portals strive towards giving the buyer and seller better margins and prices. Platforms like AQAI.in are reliable and trustworthy providers working to increase farmer incomes with their trusted online marketplace. This has provided e-commerce with the impetus to grow and gain the trust of investors to make a real change.


If the needs of small and marginal livestock & poultry farmers are prioritized while providing real-life solutions to the challenges faced by the industry, we might see greater development. 

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