What is the best feed for Quails?

13 Dec 2021 07:13 PM Comment(s) By Aqgromalin Team

Quails are medium-sized birds raised on small scale, sustainable farms mainly for table food or egg consumption.  Quail farming can be a very profitable venture if practiced accurately. One of the key aspects of a successful quail farm is to ensure that the birds are healthy and viable to be sold at a good price. Proteins are the main source of their nutrition facilitating healthy and strong quail bodies, and here are some of the best kinds of feed that are protein-rich to nurture robust quails: 

  1. Quails are omnivores that can eat beetles, sawflies and wasps, ants etc. while also consuming seeds, grains, fruits and leafy vegetables. So, allow them enough open area to roam free and get their natural nutrition.

  2. Supplement your quail's diet with seeds and grains along with plant materials. Cultivated crops are good like wheat, and millets. They also love to eat fruit and vegetable seeds.

    Normally, quails aren't fussy eaters. They only get picky when it comes to the size & texture of their food. Quails will not consume seeds, grains or pellets that are not the right size and are either too big or too small. They also prefer hard and slick seeds over fuzzy ones.

  3. A bowl of grit for these little birds can go a long way in helping them digest their food due to high fiber content.

  4. Commercial feed is a good alternative. For regular eggs and meat production from quails, they must be fed high quality, nutritious feed.

  5. Quails also love fruits, berries and vegetables and leafy vegetables. Broccoli, radishes, peas, carrots, and cucumber are good options.

While it is important to know what to feed these little birds, it's also imperative that you know what not to feed them. There are certain types of food that can be highly toxic, like - avocado, chocolate, grape seeds, meat, parsley, the stems and leaves of tomato plants, salty foods, uncooked potatoes, and most citrus fruits.

It is recommended that the main part of the Quail's diet be specialized quail feed, but the naturally occurring fruits, vegetables, seeds and insects can also be an essential part of their diet.

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