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What is Debeaking or Beak Trimming?

Beak trimming in poultry handling is cutting the beak of the poultry bird to reduce its length. It is done to stop the birds from pecking and pulling each other’s feathers and reducing food wastage. It has to be done carefully to avoid growth problems, difficulties in feeding and death due to excess...

14 Jul 2021 06:34 PM - Comment(s)
Duck Husbandry Practices

Among various species of poultry, ducks are hardy and prolific in nature and can generate good income with minimum investment if good practices of rearing, breeding are followed systematically. There is an urgent need to make the farmers of our country aware about these practices so that they can in...

09 Jul 2021 04:04 PM - Comment(s)
Duck Pond Construction

It is usual for small farmers who rear ducks, to herd the flock everyday towards some water source in the morning and return during evening. However, if moving towards using Ducks for commercial use and as an investment that would give results, it is integral to build a robust Duck pond...

08 Jul 2021 06:04 PM - Comment(s)
Importance of Incubation Equipment

Poultry Incubation equipment

Incubation equipment is used to keep eggs warm at a particular temperature range and in the correct humidity so as to facilitate good egg growth and hatching. It is essentially a replacement for the warmth of hens when they sit on eggs as they brood. The results from...

03 Jul 2021 11:50 AM - Comment(s)
Best Poultry Farm Equipment   

Poultry farming is a delicate business that involves selecting the appropriate tools to ensure healthy rearing. If you are looking to have a poultry farm, you will need to observe your chicken and other birds 24/7 and be aware of any changes. Today’s poultry farming equipment allows the...

30 Jun 2021 05:20 PM - Comment(s)


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