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7 Methods of Vaccination in poultry

7 Methods of Vaccination in poultry

Vaccination in Poultry is an important aspect of bio-security. It is essential in ensuring safety of your investment and to promote healthy breeding practices for greater returns. In India, vaccinations are even more important as more than 40% of the rural populati...

09 Jun 2021 06:02 PM - Comment(s)
Tips for A Successful Vaccination

Health management of poultry flock has vaccination at its core. There are multiple diseases that can be prevented by vaccinating your birds against them. A vaccine helps to prevent a particular disease by triggering or boosting the bird’s immune system to produce antibodies that in turn...

04 Jun 2021 04:28 PM - Comment(s)
Things You Need to know about Quail

 The Japanese quail are hardy birds that can adapt to diverse environment and were first domesticated in Japan in 1595.The Japanese quail exhibits predominantly a brown plumage color. The black speckling marking on the throat and breast differentiate the female birds from the male....

03 Jun 2021 06:50 PM - Comment(s)
All you Need to know about Infectious Bursal Disease 

Infectious bursal disease (IBD), also known as Gumboro disease, is a highly contagious, immunosuppressive disease of young chickens. Although first observed about 60 years ago, to date, the disease is responsible for major economic losses in the poultry industry worldwide.

Infectious bursal disease ...

02 Jun 2021 02:52 PM - Comment(s)
Vaccination for Fancy chicks

Fancy chicks are available in different types and one of the most popular breed available with us is the Silkie. The Silkie is one of the most gentle and docile chickens which originated from China. It is named for its typically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk and satin ...

31 May 2021 10:52 AM - Comment(s)


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