Kadaknath 1 Day Chicks


It is the only indigeous black meat. It is popular for its adaptability and its a well tasting black meat  believed to infuse vigour and have health benefits.

Origin                                            - Madhya Pradesh

Plumage Color                            - Grey Black

Comb color & type                     - Black Color Single


Day old chick Avg weight          - 50 g

Average Body wt. ( 6 weeks)      -  920 g

Egg Laying Age                          - 180 days

Annual Egg Production              - 105 

Vaccination Schedule : 

"At 1st Day "

Name of Vaccine  - Mareks Disease Vaccine
Mode of administration  - Subcutaneous injection @ Hatcher                                                                                             

"At 7th Day"            

Name of Vaccine  - Ranikhet Disease Fstrain/ Lasota.RD killed
Mode of administration - Eyedrop or Nasaldrop 0.2ml                              

"At 14 to 16 Days "

Name of Vaccine  - Infectious Bursal Disease (live) IBD (killed)
Mode of administration - Eyedrop 0.2ml S/C on the same day                                                                                               

"At 21 to 30 Days"

Name of Vaccine  - Ranikhet disease - Lasota strain
Mode of administration - Eye Drop 

"At 35 to 45 Days" 

Name of Vaccine  - Infectious Bursal Disease (live)
Mode of administration - Eye Drop    

"At 56 to 70 Days" 

Name of Vaccine  - Ranikhet Disease "K" (MESOGENIC)
Mode of administration - Subcutaneous injection @ Hatchery                                                                                               

"At 84 to 91 Days"   

Name of Vaccine  - Fowl Pox Vaccine
Mode of administration - Web puncture or Intramuscular                                                                                               

"At 126 to 133 Days"

Name of Vaccine  - Ranikhet Disease "K" (MESOGENIC)
Mode of administration - Subcutaneous injection @ Hatchery

High quality chicks. Delivery time - 7 days or before. Delivery at the farm.

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Kadaknath Chicken 1 Day Chicks. 50kg
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