Turkey Chicks 1 Day

They have the leanest meat and they are hardy and are highly resistant. It can be used for dual purpose like eggs,meat.

Origin                                            - North America

Plumage Color                            - Black  & White

Comb color & type                     - Orange Yellow

Day old chick Avg weight          - 50 g

Average Body wt. ( 20 weeks)    - 4.5-6 kgs

Egg Laying Age                          - 30th week

Annual Egg Production              - 60-100 

Vaccination Schedule:

"At 1-4 Days"

Name of Vaccine: Ranikhet Disease F Strain/Lasota. RD killed. 
Mode of administration: Eye drop or Nasal drop.0.2 ml

"At 4th - 5th Weeks"

Name of Vaccine: Fowl Pox vaccine
Mode of administration:Wing web puncture or Intramuscular

"At 6 th Week"

Name of Vaccine: Ranikhet Disease - R2B
Mode of administration: Subcutaneous.

"At 8th - 10th Week"

Name of Vaccine: Cholera Vaccine
Mode of administration: Subcutaneous.

Farmgate professional delivery within 7-14 days

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Turkey Chicks 1 Day.
Turkey Chicks 1 Day.
Turkey Chicks 1 Day.
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